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The end of Project 365… or is it… ?

My year of taking a photo-a-day is over. Or is it?

I still owe 4 pictures from a few weeks back where I fell off the wagon. I’ll probably take pictures this coming week/weekend to make up for the  missing four, or else I really just won’t feel its complete.

I end with a self-portrait, me standing up in a moving vehicle to take pictures out of the sunroof. Do not try this at home…  I think this represents one basic thing that I’ve learned during this Project 365 Adventure: always have your camera with you, and always take pictures of things as they catch your eye, even if its inconvenient, inaccessible, seems silly, your friends are making fun of you, or whatever. Just get out your camera and shoot.

Other things I’ve learned about myself:

I am actually much  more comfortable taking pictures of myself than I ever thought I would be,

I love taking pictures of nature,

I’ve discovered public art, mostly in the form of murals, but art is out there in many forms all over the place just waiting for you to enjoy it. So stop and enjoy it.

I will no longer be taking a picture a day, but I will not stop taking pictures.

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my photos this past year!



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Day 351 photo. Shadow.

January 18. Shadow.


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Day 345 photo. Surprise.

January 12. Surprise.

A lot of things surprised me today.

The Ravens beat the Broncos, and San Fran beat Green Bay, and I totally had both those games pegged the other way. And although I live in Oregon, I am a California girl at heart, having been born and raised there, so it was time to bust out the niner-gear.

It’s 3 days after my medical procedure, and I was feeling cooped up and wanted to work out. But I didn’t feel good enough for a run, so I went to the gym to walk on the treadmill. I ended up walking 3 miles with a few quarter-mile jogs sprinkled throughout. I was surprised how tired I was and how much that wore me out.  I’m looking forward to getting back into running shape.

The best surprise, though, was that my sweetie made a special dessert today. Made-from-scratch apple turnovers. The puff pastry folded and rolled and folded and rolled. It was deliciousness at its best.

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Day 333 photo. self-portrait.

December 31. finishing off the year with a self-portrait.

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Day 321 photo. something that starts with “S”

December 19. Smile starts with S.

My parents arrived in Portland for their Christmas visit. Sister arriving soon. Lots to smile about.

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Day 314 photo. hat.

December 12. hat.

I LOVE HATS!!!  I make all my own hats.

…and I think this is by far my best self-portrait!

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Day 312 photo. under, and a self portrait

December 10. under.

I was goofing around in the locker room taking pictures underneath things, and decided I like this one from the bottom of the closet. But then I put all my stuff on the floor and was changing my clothes, and I saw myself in my phone, so I took that picture too.