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Mural on my neighbor’s garage

This garage is 2 blocks from my house, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to take its picture.




Mural at Tattoo Parlor

Mural at SE Belmont and 25th St

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Mural at Portland Picture Frame

On the corner of SE 28th and Holgate.

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The end of Project 365… or is it… ?

My year of taking a photo-a-day is over. Or is it?

I still owe 4 pictures from a few weeks back where I fell off the wagon. I’ll probably take pictures this coming week/weekend to make up for the  missing four, or else I really just won’t feel its complete.

I end with a self-portrait, me standing up in a moving vehicle to take pictures out of the sunroof. Do not try this at home…  I think this represents one basic thing that I’ve learned during this Project 365 Adventure: always have your camera with you, and always take pictures of things as they catch your eye, even if its inconvenient, inaccessible, seems silly, your friends are making fun of you, or whatever. Just get out your camera and shoot.

Other things I’ve learned about myself:

I am actually much  more comfortable taking pictures of myself than I ever thought I would be,

I love taking pictures of nature,

I’ve discovered public art, mostly in the form of murals, but art is out there in many forms all over the place just waiting for you to enjoy it. So stop and enjoy it.

I will no longer be taking a picture a day, but I will not stop taking pictures.

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my photos this past year!


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Day 366 photo. Yes there are 366 days in the year…

Day 366 photo, February 2.

Yes, just when you thought photo 365 was the last one, think again. Last year was a leap year, so getting thru the whole year was actually 366 days. I started this project on Feb 3, 2012, so felt I like I needed to end on Feb 2, 2013 to be a full year.

As part of my birthday celebration my besties and I went wine tasting. Here are some photos from the day.

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Day 365 photo. murals

Day 365 photo. February 1.

I spent the weekend on a girls-getaway with my besties, to celebrate my birthday, which is the 5th.

We went out to McMenamins Hotel Oregon to spend the night. If you’ve ever been to any of McMenamins buildings, you will know they are infamous for their quirky decorations. The place is covered in odd art, paintings, and murals.  Since only during this 365-photo-a-day project did I discover that I like murals, I thought it fitting that my 365th photo is of a mural.

Here are some fun ones that I enjoyed.