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Mural: Estacada Trains

It’s pretty cool when you read the little story-board too.


Mural at the SE Powell Firestone

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This mural is chock full of all the fabulousness that is Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

It’s got our mountains, forests, native plants, wildflowers, mushrooms, rivers, salmon, wildlife, and great people keeping the place clean.  All in all a gorgeous painting.

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Day 366 photo. Yes there are 366 days in the year…

Day 366 photo, February 2.

Yes, just when you thought photo 365 was the last one, think again. Last year was a leap year, so getting thru the whole year was actually 366 days. I started this project on Feb 3, 2012, so felt I like I needed to end on Feb 2, 2013 to be a full year.

As part of my birthday celebration my besties and I went wine tasting. Here are some photos from the day.