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I love birdwatchers

Birdwatchers are often thought of as an odd bunch. Weirdos that hang out all day with camera, scope, binoculars, and as many bird guides as they can carry, sneaking thru the brush waiting and hoping and pursuing anything with wings.

And we get excited about things other people don’t even notice. Like this sign.

Only a birdwatcher, upon seeing this sign, would immediately stop in their tracks, disregard whatever it was they were doing, and spend the rest of the day scanning the field. My heart warms a little bit, knowing there’s another birdwatcher out there, sharing his find.

bird watchers unite


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Day 362 photo. Grow.

Day 362- January 29. Grow.

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Day 338 photo. movement.

January 5. Movement.

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Day 334 photo. Today.

January 1, 2013. Today.

What a topic… Today.

New Years Day is, in some ways, such a special day.

It’s a holiday, I get the day off work! That in itself is something to celebrate. Today is also a day of hope, excitement, and promise. People start new beginnings, the gym is overflowing, everyone is in good cheer.

The crocus start to come up from the frosty soil.

Now that I’ve only got about a month left of this 365-Photo-a-day project, I feel like I need to make all my photos extra meaningful, extra special. Starting today.

I also feel like, with the photo project end in sight, I want to find a new main focus for this blog. I originally started this blog thinking I would blog about running. I think I’m going to try to move back in that direction and see where it takes me.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Day 299 photo. Tree

November 27. Tree.

One of my favorite things to take pictures of, trees.

This is great big one on NE Fremont. Its on an empty lot, which back in the early 1900’s certainly had a grand old house on it. Now its just an empty lot. But the tree remains, as well as the concrete steps that walk up from the sidewalk to the property.

big tree NE Fremont

zz november

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Day 281 photo. small.

November 9. small.

If I were something small, like an ant, maybe this is what the world would look like to me.
A little weed would be the same as a giant tree.