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Day 329 photo. how I relax

December 27. How I relax.

I’ve started knitting again. It’s a great winter activity since you can immediately wear whatever warm goodness you create. It’s also a good activity I can do with my  mom. Sitting around chatting and enjoying time together, each working on our own project.  I made one hat this past week and have started another.  I’ll post patterns when I get time soon.


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Day 314 photo. hat.

December 12. hat.

I LOVE HATS!!!  I make all my own hats.

…and I think this is by far my best self-portrait!



The cold weather is upon us, and that makes me excited for my favorite winter accessory…. scarves!

So I did a few quick crochet ruffle scarves. They are simple and fast but add a quick bit of glamour to any outfit. I made a dark blue first, then a sparkly black one.

A basic knit cowl is also fun and keeps your neck warm. A blocky one in warm, golden yellow, and a simple star-stitch in red.

Then I just spent about a week making a nice, long, diamond scarf. This is a really nice pattern.

Now that I’ve got scarves worked out of my system for awhile, I think I’ll turn put my creative hat on and work on something original.

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Blackbird hat & scarf pattern


I call this hat and scarf combo my  Blackbird hat pattern.   I name all my patterns after birds just for fun, there usually isn’t any particular reason for the name. But it’s fun to be wearing it when you see a blackbird, just because I’m weird like that.

Its one of my favorite hats, with earflaps and cables. The scarf isn’t too warm, its good for a fashion accent and matches the hat so is adorable especially with a denim jacket.

I think I’ll re-work the pattern a tad so that it is a little bit longer. It fits my head fine, but I’ve got a smaller head than the average person, and the other problem is that if I tie my hair up in a pony-tail then the hat no longer fits, it’s too short.

I don’t knit a whole lot during the summer ( too much fun to be had outdoors! )

Now that Fall is here I’ll pick up knitting again. I especially like to do it while I’m watching football, since I’m just sitting around anyway I like to be productive.

Dark green yarn is 100% wool.

Light green yarn is wool/cotton blend.

Red Winged Blackbird

Ridgefield, WA