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Mural: the tree of life

There are so many amazing creatures all wrapped up in here. Just when you think you’ve found them all, you see another one!


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I love birdwatchers

Birdwatchers are often thought of as an odd bunch. Weirdos that hang out all day with camera, scope, binoculars, and as many bird guides as they can carry, sneaking thru the brush waiting and hoping and pursuing anything with wings.

And we get excited about things other people don’t even notice. Like this sign.

Only a birdwatcher, upon seeing this sign, would immediately stop in their tracks, disregard whatever it was they were doing, and spend the rest of the day scanning the field. My heart warms a little bit, knowing there’s another birdwatcher out there, sharing his find.

bird watchers unite

Mural at Dekum Cafe

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dekum cafe

The backside of The Dekum Cafe. Picturing Frank Dekum. At first, seems so sweet, a man with nature, birds love him, he loves birds. Then you realize his hands are chopped off. Not sure what that’s about… Maybe that’s what he gets for importing all those non-native species to Oregon.





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Day 338 photo. movement.

January 5. Movement.