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Day 332 photo. sky

December 30. Something that made me smile this year.

Today’s topic had me searching back thru all the photos I’ve taken this past year, reminding me what I’ve been¬† up to, looking for the thing that made me smile. There were so many things, really, that put a smile on my face this past year. But one of the best times I had was my summer vacation in July, and another satisfying thing was how often I looked at the sky and saw how beautiful it is all the time. Here’s a picture of the sky I took while I was on my July vacation in Zion National Park.


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Day 297 photo. sky.

November 25. Sky.

One of my favorite things to take pictures of: the sky. But the sky wasn’t very interesting today. Mostly a solid gray sheet of overcast, without even any dark shadows or cool shapes in the clouds. Then, the sky cleared up enough to enjoy the almost full moon.

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Day 159 photo- July 10. Your favorite color.

July 10. Your favorite color.

My favorite color is blue. Not necessarily sky blue. I actually prefer deeper, darker blues. But who doesn’t love the sky when it is brilliantly blue and completely cloud-free clear?

Especially when the sky most often around here is cloudy, overcast, with rain?

And what is that little black dot? A bird. I love anything with a bird in it.