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More hat making today

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I did some more hat making today. The striped one is really fun. I think I’ll make a few more like it. I have lots more striped fabric and each hat will turn out slightly different due to the changing colors of the stripes down the length.

The red one I’m not so sure about. It didn’t turn out how I wanted and intense fraying was a witch to deal with.


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Update on Etsy shop

I’ve now just opened up my very first Etsy shop!

There’s not much on it right now, but I’ll continue to make some more items and add as I get them finished.  I made a new hat yesterday but haven’t taken pictures yet.

For now, feel free to check out my shop and tell your friends!


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update on my new Etsy adventure


I’m almost ready to open up my Etsy shop.  I’ve been working hard on building my shop online as well as making the first few hats that will be listed for sale. This is a lot of work! But I’m excited, as well as totally frightened, by this new adventure.

Taking good pictures is really difficult. That’s my first obvious lesson is learning to take better pictures of the hats so they are enticing to people.  I also think I’ll need to reach out to friends to help model them, so all my pictures aren’t just pictures of myself. But, I’ve got to start somewhere.

I ordered some apparel tags, and I’m waiting for those to arrive so I can sew them into my hats before I open the shop.

I went out and bought some new fabric today, so I have lots of material to inspire my next few creations.

Wish me luck! And when my shop opens feel free to visit and give me some pointers on taking better pictures, or any advice about what is appealing or not appealing about it. It would really help me out.  Thanks much!

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New Hat Venture

I’ve been working hard for the past three days on some new hat patterns.

I’ve decided to try opening up an Etsy shop to sell my hats.  I’ve been making hats for years and years, mostly for myself or to give away to family and friends.  Way back in 2005 I tried to sell them, without a whole lot of success. That is actually where the name Kay-Kay’s Bird Club came from, that was my brand name back then.  I’m a little nervous about doing this. But I’ve had a strong impulse lately to do something wild and creative and reach out beyond my comfort zone.

So to launch this new crazy idea of mine, I wanted to start with some fresh patterns. I think I have two patterns down that I’ll use to start. Try them out with different fabrics and see how they turn out.

One pattern here is a slouchy hat, with bows in the back for a feminine touch and adjustibility. I tried it in corduroy and also in flannel. Turned out nice in each but with a different look.

I also have a simpler hat that reminds me more of a kerchief look, something you’d toss on when you haven’t done your hair and want to look pulled together.  I used a pretty busy pattern fabric which adds zing to it since it’s a simple design.

When I get all this sorted out over the next few weeks or however long it takes me, I’ll put out a post so you can all check out my shop.

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Day 329 photo. how I relax

December 27. How I relax.

I’ve started knitting again. It’s a great winter activity since you can immediately wear whatever warm goodness you create. It’s also a good activity I can do with my  mom. Sitting around chatting and enjoying time together, each working on our own project.  I made one hat this past week and have started another.  I’ll post patterns when I get time soon.

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Day 314 photo. hat.

December 12. hat.

I LOVE HATS!!!  I make all my own hats.

…and I think this is by far my best self-portrait!


Dove hat pattern

Its kind of a dreary day today. Raining off an on, light snow flurries off and on. I don’t have to work today, and I’m not feeling too well.  So it was the perfect day to sit around the house not doing much, and trying out some new hat patterns.

This is a crochet hat with a lacy, ruffled look. Use light weight yarn. I had some left-over baby yarn laying around so used that.  Find the pattern here dove hat pattern

I’ve named this pattern Dove pattern. I name all my patterns after birds, just because I love birds so I think that’s fun.  Doves are delicate, feminine creatures, and this hat is also a delicate, feminine hat.

mourning dove