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April running goals



My March goals were pretty successful, establishing a base and running a 5K. But now it is time to move onto a new month. My April running goals all revolve around preparing for the Rock n Roll half marathon May 19.  I need to really build up some long runs, since I haven’t run more than 6 miles in a year. This past Saturday I did 8 miles and it went pretty well, I felt great the whole time and didn’t feel like it was a problem. But that afternoon I was exhausted and actually took a 2 hour nap! Obviously I am a bit out of shape for long runs.

I want to do another 8-miler this coming weekend, and then do two 9-milers, and then two 10-milers, as my long run training. I also plan to run once a week on my lunch break from work, which I just started doing. This will be my about-3-mile hill run each week. I also plan to do some specific interval training for pace, either on a track or treadmill.  This is probably my weakest link. I enjoy doing track training and I do well when someone leads me, but find it difficult to do on my own.

I’ve started kickball season. I play in a league and we’ve now started our 8-week season on Sundays. I figure that is a good activity to keep me moving but not too much effort after a Saturday long run.

Until next month… happy running.


Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

3 thoughts on “April running goals

  1. Good luck with your goals! I know that post-long-run-sleepiness very well. Then again, post-long-run naps are the best.

  2. Solid goals, I’d like to do 8 miles this month too! Good luck to you!

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