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March running goals

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My February running goals got off to a little bit of a slow start.

I have a cherry tree in my yard that I bought as a seedling only a few inches tall. I’ve been babying that thing for four years. It’s now somewhere between 5-6 feet tall, and I’ve realized it is planted in exactly the wrong spot in my yard. So the decision came… do I move it?  It’s a good time to move it, since it hasn’t started any Spring growth yet. And by next year I think it will be too big to move.  OK so sounds like a good idea, right?  So out I go to move the cherry tree. I pulled my back out BAD which put me out for a good week. So I didn’t start the month off running very much.  But the tree looks great. It loves its new spot in the morning sunshine. I hope to actually get cherries off it this year for the first time.

After my back felt better I started into my new running routine.  I’ve been able to get in 15-20 miles per week. A decent slow, low mileage start. I’ve decided on a routine of running Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I find that to be successful with my work schedule and other things going on in my life.

My kickball Spring season starts March 24. So then I’ll be spending Sundays playing kickball. Kickball is fun and can wear you out a bit. It doesn’t really feel like exercise because you stand around so much not doing anything for a long time. But then you suddenly need to burst into a full-out sprint for short distances, and somehow that wears me out and burns my quads.

I’m signed up for Portland’s Shamrock Run March 17.  A lot of cities do Shamrock Runs, typically on St. Patrick’s Day or the Sunday prior. Isn’t everyone glad that this year the Shamrock Runs aren’t actually on the same day as Daylight Savings Time?!? I swear every time I’ve done a Shamrock Run it’s always on the change-the-clock-ahead-day. Lose an hour of sleep and get up extra early to run in the cold rain!  Good times!

I’ve also just signed up for Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon, which will be in Portland May 19. I was thinking about doing this for awhile now, and wasn’t really sure about it yet. But then I got one of those friendly reminder emails that are so helpful in letting you know that the price increases March 1.  So I signed up.

So now that I’ve got a half on my plate, I figure I better start running some actual long runs. I figure if I do somewhere in the 8-9 mile range in March, then I can do 9-10 mile range in April, maybe fit in one 11-miler. And I’d be plenty fine for a May half.

I don’t follow any prescribed training plan. I have some books and there are plenty of online resources that will put together a plan for you. I’ve read enough of them that I feel I can put together my own plan in a way that works for me.  What do you do? Do you follow a plan? Have a trainer make you a plan? Use one from the web? Make up your own?

As for my other fitness goals, I’ve not been doing push-ups at all, so as I type this I want to drop and do a bunch.  I’ve been doing my pull-ups on the open ceiling beams of my living room. Yes  my living room is still under construction (has been since last July). It’s great having open ceiling beams to use as a pull-up bar! It’s also right in front of my bay window so all my neighbors can watch me, shaking their head at the crazy girl doing pull-ups in the living room.

That’s it for now. Happy running!

Ceiling beams make a great pull-up bar

Ceiling beams make a great pull-up bar


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