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Day 302 photo. On the Wall.

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November 30. On the Wall.

Finishing out this month of photos has been monumental for me. Now that I’ve passed photo number 300, I feel confident for the very first time that I will actually finish this 365-project.

I wrap up the month of November with today’s photo topic, On The Wall.  I love this topic because it gives me yet another excuse to take a picture of a mural! If you didn’t see that one coming, then you haven’t been reading my blog! 🙂

Recently I realized that mural art is pretty active in Portland. There’s new paintings going up all the time, like this one here, when I realized it was painted over a previous mural.

Here is my original post of a mural I’d taken photos of back in September.  I hadn’t realized it at the time, because the mural looked so complete already, but at that time they were just starting out. They’ve done so much more to it since then!

Look at all the details they’ve added.  People doing all sorts of activities. And an entire taller section on the right-hand-side on the adjacent wall-space. I’m excited to keep an eye on it to see if they continue working on the piece, or if it is finished now.

Original photo from September:

outdoor scene


Here are photos from today:








zz november


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