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Days 291-292 photos. Awesomeness and Work/Play

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November 19, something awesome

November 20, work/play

I took yesterday’s picture yesterday, and today’s picture today, but I really want to switch them around and have today’s be yesterdays and vice-versus!   I’m not trying to say that yesterday’s awesomeness isn’t still awesome, but it turns out its a good combo of work/play. And today’s work/play actually is pretty awesome.
What do you think?

11/19 Awesome: cutest motorcycle ever, Honda 1973, how can you say that isn’t awesome? which has been in need of major repair for a year, is finally getting worked on so we can go for a ride and play. Here we were loading it up into the truck to take it to the mechanic. I really like the pic because it was super dark out, in the middle of a rain storm, and I took it thru the glass of the truck with all kinds of reflections. Adds some mystery to it.  Pretty awesome, but also work/play.


11/20 work/play:  Today at work I was having sort of a stressful moment, and was working with a physician that was a little bit cranky and super fatigued. We’ve been having a really bad rain/wind storm here in Portland for the last 24-hours, and then all of a sudden a rainbow appeared outside my office window. And I called out to the physician, “Turn around and check out the rainbow!”  It was a fun moment that lightened the mood and helped us get through the day.  Totally awesome, and also work/play.



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