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Days 253-256 photos. Rainstorm

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For the first time since I started this Photo-365-project, I hit a spell where I didn’t take any pictures. I haven’t taken any pictures since Thursday last week.   Ack!

Record rainfall hit Portland on Friday. We haven’t had any real rain for the whole summer. So far it had been a really dry September and October, unusual for fall.  Then the clouds opened up and the downpours began. And the only reason this is an issue is because I still didn’t have a roof on my house, from my on-going, super slow, house remodel project that started back mid-July.

We’ve been working hard on getting this house project moving again. I’ve been cleaning up water damage all in all the various places water has felt like pooling up in my ceiling, walls, windows, furniture, carpet, and floors.

To catch up on the photos I should have been taking over the past 4 days, I’m posting some photos of my house as it is now.  At one point I had every towel I own down on the floors along with every bowl I own on the floors to catch dripping water.  The next day had to wash them all then lay them all out again. We’ve finally got the waterproof tar-paper down over the plywood, so that should stop the majority of the leaks.  So now I can put most of my towels and bowls away.

Now that I’ve recovered from that minor crisis, I’ll get back into taking pictures again.


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