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Day 245 photo. What I read.

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October 4. “What I read”

The apple festival is coming!  I love fall and one extra thing I really love about it is the apple festival. I’m planning on going next weekend.

A local nursery hosts it, and they have at least 50 varieties of apples for tasting and buying at reasonably low, bulk prices.  They have varieties you can’t get in the stores or other farmers markets.  Crazy as I am, I saved my list from last year, where I made comments and markings of the kinds I like a lot, so this year I’ll be ahead of the game and can go in search of my favs.  I want to get several types for pies, juice, cider, eating fresh, making sauce, and who knows what else.  This list of apples is what I read today.


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One thought on “Day 245 photo. What I read.

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