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Day 272 photo. self-portrait.

October 31. Happy Halloween everyone. Today I get to take a picture of whatever I please. Time for a self-portrait with face paint!


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Day 271 photo. clothes.

October 30. clothes.

My house has been torn apart for quite some time. My bedroom is a work-zone so our clothes have been kept in piles in the den. This is actually one of the days the piles were actually “neat”.

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Day 270 photo. moon.

October 29. Moon at 8:10pm

The sky was pretty cloudy and I had to wait for the wind to blow the moon clear enough to see it. I haven’t figured out how to take pictures through my telescope. I know a lot of people have success just using their camera phone pressed up against the telescope eyepiece, but that never works for me.

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Day 269 photo. Looking back.

October 28. Looking back.

Because I’m sure no one is tired yet of hearing about my house remodel project, I decided to take a look back at how far it’s come. My roof is actually on now (hooray!).¬† This started back mid-July with a giant hole in my house. There’s always a big sense of accomplishment when you reach¬† milestones and can look back at where you were.

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Day 268 photo. Morning.

October 27. morning.

It’s dark now when I leave for work in the morning. It’s one of my favorite times. It always seems “quieter” in the dark. And when the skies are clear, the best time to check out stars and planets.

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Day 267 photo. Listening

October 26. Listening.

I wonder what this little guy is listening to. He sure hears something…

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Day 266 photo. Stone People.

October 25. People.

Stone people are people too…

After taking this picture I almost veered off track and started taking pictures of statues, which I notice are pretty prevalent around town. I just may have to do that idea soon.