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Smith and Bybee Lake update. Sept 23, 2012.

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When I went out to Smith and Bybee Lakes recently, I was troubled to find it closed due to disease outbreak.

I’ve found out more of what’s going on, because of my work at the wildlife animal hospital. We have a large number of birds with botulism. There’s a botulism outbreak on the waters and soils. Botulism causes paralysis, so it is sad to see the influx of birds coming in to our hospital paralyzed. The fortunate thing is that botulism is easily treatable and these birds are releasable again in about 4-5 days.  The bad thing is that they need to be brought in to be treated, and a lot are dying out there. The other bad thing is that Smith and Bybee Lakes are an important stop-over point for migrating birds, and it is migration season.

I will try to get out there next week or two to see if I can take some pictures and do a wrap-up of my year-long project.

Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

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One thought on “Smith and Bybee Lake update. Sept 23, 2012.

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