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Smith and Bybee Lakes. September 15, 2012

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It was a pleasantly warm 64 degrees this morning, with promise of heating up to a high of 88 today. We’re hanging onto summer here. I went out to Smith and Bybee Lakes today.  You can read about my last visit here.

Today was going to be my last, or maybe second to last, visit for this series. But now I’ll need to plan on trying again, since I couldn’t get in today.  The area is all roped off and closed due to wildlife disease. I am sad to hear about this. I’ve googled around to try to find details of what is going on, but I can’t find any information other than general announcements, with no specifics.

I took some pictures around to document how the cottonwoods look like right now. They’re looking nice and full still, but the leaves are drying and yellowing just a little bit. I also stopped by a nearby lake, Heron Lake, at the golf course. There was a lot of green scum on the water surface. Perhaps Smith and Bybee have a similar look right now.

The crickets were obnoxious! You could hear constant cricket creaking. I found this unusual.  I didn’t stick around to see much wildlife, but could hear chickadees, saw a great blue heron, a cormorant, some ducks, an egret, mourning doves, and scrub jays.

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