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Day 241 photo. Mural-a-day.

And here’s today’s photo: the finale to my month-long mural-a-day project.  Now with October I’ll start something new.

The doorway to this apartment building had an image on both sides.


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Day 240 photo. Mural-a-day.

Signal Station Pizza parlor.  A pizza place at an old gas station.

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Day 237 photo. Mural-a-day.

For the community…

I am impressed with the message many of the murals I’ve found depict: strong community, important people, how people have shaped where we live past and present.

I almost got in an accident to get this picture. I saw it out of the corner of my eye driving by, slammed on my breaks, flipped a u-turn which ended up needing to be a 3-point turn close to a major intersection, and popped into the parking lot as fast as I could, to meet another car trying to exit. But it was worth it!

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Day 236 photo. Mural-a-day

It’s pretty cool that they have a mural about important women that impacted the history of our city. I’ve started googling them to see who they were and what they were all about.

Also nice is the chimney swifts.  I’m actually surprised how many murals have birds in them.