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Smith and Bybee Lakes. August 11, 2012

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I hadn’t been out to Smith and Bybee lakes for quite some time. You can check out the post about my last visit here.

I didn’t really have a whole lot of time last Saturday to devote to a really nice visit, but I wanted to get out there and take some pictures so there wasn’t too huge a gap in my Smith and Bybee Lakes series, my goal being to document how it changes through the seasons.  So this visit was pretty truncated, a quick rush through to take some pictures.  My bird/species list isn’t really a list because I wasn’t taking the time to seek stuff out, check them out carefully, etc.

It was 64 degrees and extremely muggy.

I would say the most abundant thing was the Tree Swallows. They were having a fancy flying time and tweeting up a storm. Osprey’s are pretty regular out there and I saw one adult, the nest just across the road was vacant. Their young must have fledged and are out enjoying the world on their own.

The most notable thing about the plant life was the berries. It’s berry season and berries are everywhere. There was also ample evidence of the bird and mammal life consuming a high-berry diet!  This time of year the local wild blackberries (and also the invasive species blackberries) have their ripe fruit.  Lots of other bushes and trees also had berries on them, I don’t know what kind they are nor if they are edible but the flowers have all now turned into berries.  Also notable was the cottonwoods dropping tons of cotton. It looked like spiderwebs dusted all over the trees, bushes, and ground.

Smith Lake was actually accessible this time! This is the first time I’ve been out since I’ve started this series that the water level has reduced again, down to a level where you can actually walk out again to the lake. It had been so flooded you couldn’t even get out near it to take pictures for quite some time. This isn’t surprising, of course, since it’s summer and August is our hottest driest month. But I was pleasantly shocked all the same.

I hope to go out a few more times this fall and then I’ll plan on putting together a little photo-summary of the series for the year. I’m looking forward to doing that because I think it will be pretty cool.


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