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Day 208 photo- August 28. clock.


August 28. clock.

This is my new favorite website. It’s just a stopwatch. Super simple. All it does is count down the time. That’s all it needs to do.

I like to pull this up on my laptop and let it run. I’ve propped my bicycle up onto a bike-trainer, so have been doing a lot of stationary riding. Since my phone is usually plugged into my speaker system blasting music, I can’t also use it for it’s stopwatch at the same time.  With this website I can just keep the time running as I ride.  And when I’m all done it blinks and flashes like a great victory.



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Day 206 photo- August 26. dream.

August 26. dream.

“Dream” is perfect for today!

Think kickball is just for grade-school kids? Think again. Portland is full of adult kickball leagues. It’s competitive, don’t join if you can’t handle it.

Our team name is Dream Squashers. First game of the season played today.

We ended up losing 4-1 but we’ll get ’em next time!


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Day 205 photo- August 25. fresh.

August 25. Fresh.

What is fresher than a flower in spring?  A flower in summer that blooms when all the spring flowers have died.


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Photos # 200-204. Aug 20-24

Catching up on posting my photos for this week.

I’m not terribly excited about any of these photos or topics, maybe I’m having an off-week or something.

Day # 200: August 20. Today.

I picked the first bowlful of cherry tomatoes from the garden. It’s starting to be tomato season. With my onions and garlic too I’m looking forward to making salsa.

Day #201: August 21. cool.

I have a chronic injury in my right arm that flares up every now and again. I was sitting at the kitchen table icing it and realized my topic for the day was “cool”. So the ice pack became center stage.

Day #202: August 22. Home.

Just another opportunity to capture the progress of my home remodel. We’ve finally got the sheeting on the roof so we can get ready to put the new shingles on. I also got a message that my new window order is ready for pick up, so the windows can be put in soon too instead of just plywood walls.

Day #203: August 23. pair.

There are lots of work gloves laying around.

Day #204: August 24. path.

The little walkway from my front door to my garage. Now finally blossoming with summer flowers.


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Day 199 photo- August 19. hole.

August 19. hole.

This is not my yard, I’ve got enough going on at home that I don’t need to also dig up my yard. This is probably the only opportunity I’ll every have to drive one of these things. It was fun!  I didn’t actually do any of the hole-digging.


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Day 198 photo- August 18. inside.

August 18. Inside.

Inside, outside, it’s all the same around here, with no windows, only half a roof, and still some walls open.

Making progress on the home remodel.