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Day 180 photo- July 31. toothbrush

July 31. toothbrush.

Undeniably the coolest toothbrush in my household complete with matching hand soap dispenser.


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Day 179 photo- July 30. calm


July 30. calm.

The moon about 9pm on 7/30.

There is still a giant hole in the side of my house due to my remodel. I was passing by the opening and the moon was so brilliant and calm. Of course it always looks more magical to the eye than this picture could ever reveal.


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Day 174 photo- July 25. heart

July 25. heart.

I spent 3 days hiking in Zion National Park. On Weds we did the 16-mile hike through the Narrows.  Today’s photo theme for “heart”, spending the day in the “heart of the canyon”.