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Day 114 photo- The many faces of Kay


These pictures were not taken today, they were taken about 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to include my “scooter persona” in my theme about all the different hats I wear in life.  Some people never see this side of me, others it is the only side of me they see. I’m on my scooter every day no matter what hat I’ll be wearing that day, so it’s a part of me that’s always there.

Me and my scooter peeps below. A local scooter club goes riding every Wednesday.

And just to make it clear, I always wear my helmet and gear when I ride. I’m not wearing them in the pictures because we were not actually riding. We were just getting ready to ride so were moving our scoots at walking-speed for about 2 blocks.


Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

4 thoughts on “Day 114 photo- The many faces of Kay

  1. Hardcore! You look lovely in your gear!! I love this all so much. You are right about the “scooter persona” and I’ve not really thought about it like that before. And how lucky are you to have a weekly ride with the local scooter clubs? Portland is, indeed, awesome. Great photos!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I really love your blog and your vespa life! The scooter club is pretty sweet, it’s about half guys half gals. It’s great to bond with other scooter-chicks.

  3. I am green with envy! I think I am falling in love with Portland 🙂

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