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Peregrine nest monitoring

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I wanted to share this video clip for anyone who gets excited about birds. You’ll probably need to login to facebook to see it. ?

One wildlife conservation project I’ve been a part of is monitoring Peregrine Falcon nests this spring. You can read more about it in an older post of mine here.  We’ve been monitoring suspected nest sites to see if falcons are present, if they are nesting, and if the nests are successful. If nests are successful the young are banded for continued monitoring. The video clip was taken when banding the young earlier this week.

Peregrines nest on cliff ledges naturally, and often in city areas on “manmade cliffs” such as high-rise building ledges and bridges. Here in Portland the Falcons tend to nest on our bridges.

Peregrines used to be on the Endangered list but have recently been removed. Federal and State monitoring programs are in place to ensure the species is indeed recovering and does not need to be put back on the list.

Peregrines are beautiful creatures. You can read more about them here.


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