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Day 119 photo- repetition

I’ve been noticing a lot of patterns lately. For some reason groups of repeated objects have been catching my eye, like this row of garbage bins.


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Day 118 photo- murals

This is yesterday’s photo, and will also be my last mural for awhile. What has been really awesome about this 365 project is that I’ve become so aware of everything around me. By taking pictures of murals I’ve noticed there are so many murals all over the city, murals I’ve passed by regularly in my day-to-day life but never noticed before now. I could take pictures of murals for a month more at least!  I plan on re-visiting the mural theme, since I’ve really seen and enjoyed a lot of murals around the city.

But for now, this is my last mural. It’s a wild image, lightning killing roses!  In a way it also seems so anti-Portland, since Portland’s nick-name is The Rose City. I especially like the sun for some reason.

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Day 117 photo- tree

Today’s picture is a little random. It’s the tree outside the parking garage at my work.

I also took a picture of this same tree back in February when I first started this 365 photo project.

I thought it would be fun to show how the tree has changed over the seasons… I enjoy watching the changes of nature.  It’s also fun to notice the difference in the daylight due to the sunrise time difference (and the change to daylight savings time) between now and then. I took the two pictures at roughly the same time (within a few minutes), right when I arrived at work in the morning.

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Day 115 photo- the many faces of Kay

More pictures of me not from today but from recent past. As a part of my theme “the many faces of Kay“, to share all the different pieces of who I am, to share all the different hats I wear in life.

There is a runner in me. It’s not all of who I am but is a large part of who I am. Above is me in the Portland Marathon last October, with the gorgeous St Johns Bridge in the background. Below are some other pics of me in races. One of them was a relay and this was the hand-off point where I’m about to give the baton to my dear friend, Rollie.

I haven’t run my whole life like some people. I only started running in my 30s, which is pretty common I’m finding out. I started running about 2004 or 2005, I can’t even remember exactly. But since I started it has me hooked and I will never stop. I want to be the little old lady doing races and winning my age group in my 70s. 🙂

I haven’t written about running in a long time, but running was actually the original reason I started this blog. Maybe I’ll get back into blogging about running again.

Right now I’ve been running 3 times a week, with my “long” run on Saturdays that is currently in the 8-10 mile range. I want to now start running 4 times a week and do a few more 10-milers as my long run. June and July I want to steadily increase my long runs, in August I want to be doing 20-milers.

What I’ve discovered while doing a P90X program earlier this year, was that I really enjoy yoga. I especially like doing yoga on Sunday mornings to stretch out after getting tight from the Saturday long run. So this is becoming part of my regular fitness program.


Day 114 photo- The many faces of Kay

These pictures were not taken today, they were taken about 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to include my “scooter persona” in my theme about all the different hats I wear in life.  Some people never see this side of me, others it is the only side of me they see. I’m on my scooter every day no matter what hat I’ll be wearing that day, so it’s a part of me that’s always there.

Me and my scooter peeps below. A local scooter club goes riding every Wednesday.

And just to make it clear, I always wear my helmet and gear when I ride. I’m not wearing them in the pictures because we were not actually riding. We were just getting ready to ride so were moving our scoots at walking-speed for about 2 blocks.