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Day 77 photo- for sale

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Continuing my theme of houses for sale that I want to buy but cannot afford….

I would kill to own this house. Seriously.

Ok that’s a terrible thought I would never really kill anyone but I love this house. It’s on one of my favorite running routes and so I’ve passed it frequently.  It’s been for sale for maybe a year now. It is super gorgeous and sits right on the Willamette Bluff, having a great view of the River, the West Hills, Swan Island, the Fremont Bridge, and the downtown skyline.

Its so classic it just screams “awesome” to me somehow. I think about really old historic places where houses have names, this house reminds me of that type of house. The flyer calls it an English Country Manor. 6 bedrooms, built in 1934, listed for $700,000.


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