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The end of an era- the P90X era…


The end of an era is always the beginning of another, so I’m excited about the end of my P90x adventure.

Last week marked the end of 10 weeks.  Of course the Program is a 12-week program. I was pretty certain I would be able to do 10 weeks of it from the very start. Doing the last 2 weeks was questionable, I went back and forth on it in my mind for just how long I felt like doing the Program.

Then just like that, April begins, the weather is unusually summerish, and it suddenly seems terrible to be inside pretending to be as awesome as Dreya Weber, when I could be outside on a nice little run. So I draw my P90X to a close to move into something new.

To summarize the whole experience, I think I got out of it almost what I had expected, sortof. I decided to do the program to build some strength since I’ve never done strength training before, and to build some lean muscle. I had started out thinking I could continue a light running program at the same time but that totally bombed. This was somewhat due to being worn out from P90x and somewhat due to time. Perhaps if my schedule were different I could fit in 3 hours of exercise a day split up into two workouts,  but I could not do this. In the end, I concentrated on the Program, and gave up on any running routine.

At the beginning of the program you take pictures of  yourself and take measurements, in order to compare at the end. So I’m not sure what I really expected here. I was not expecting drastic results by any means. But my measurements are still exactly the same. I lost 2-3 pounds, its sortof difficult to assess exactly how much when it isn’t very much, but I weighed myself regularly and saw the regular fluctuations, and I’m down a few. I was not actually trying to lose any weight. Since I stopped running I also assumed I was burning less calories since I think running is more of a calorie burner than P90X.  I didn’t lose anything on my body fat scale. This is probably where I am the most disappointed or at least confused. I know body fat scales are known to be wildly inaccurate but I figured just using the 1 scale would at least be consistent with itself.  I measured my body fat using the scale regularly and it always fluctuated between 18-20%, so does not appear that I actually got any leaner, which was one of my goals.

Other than the numbers seeming completely unsuccessful, I do think the Program itself was successful. I am definitely stronger now and increased the amount of weight I was lifting. I can actually do pullups and pushups now when I could not do any before, (seriously, none).  The yoga has made huge improvements on my balance and flexibility. Of course this should all be true from any strength training program so it’s not necessarily like P90X is the only thing out there that works.  But I do feel like I have built some strength which was one of my goals. I also feel I’ve built a good base so I can continue strength training.

I will continue to do some of the P90X workouts, because I do like the workouts and want to keep getting stronger. I have this goal in my head that I want to be able to do 30 pushups and 12 pullups. But I’m not going to follow the actual Program anymore, because I want to get back into a running routine. I’m switching focus.

So the end of the era…

And just for fun here’s me doing wide-front pull ups in the doorway to my exercise room. I can do 6 of these now and feel pretty good about that.


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3 thoughts on “The end of an era- the P90X era…

  1. Your arms and back look fantastic in this picture. I think those kind of results have got to be worth more than any change in numbers (esp since 18% is already very low for female body fat–there’s millions of years of natural selection fighting against letting your body drop below that. I know I can’t ever get my % below 20, and I’ve decided it’s probably for the best, health-wise).
    How’s running post-P90X? Do the extra strength and flexibility make a noticeable difference yet, or will it take a while to get back into running mode first?

    • thanks for the comment. I know there’s all kinds of literature out there about what a good body fat should be and its all so confusing. I do realize that I am slender and I was not trying to lose any weight, but I was surprised the body fat did not change and had wanted to “lean up” a bit.
      I did 20 pushups the other day and it was the first time I could do 20 in a set. 🙂

      I’m getting back into running, 3 days a week, building mileage slowly after so long. What I am surprised at is that I don’t feel “out of running shape” or anything. I think doing P90X helped with that overall. There are 2 total body conditioning killer workouts in P90X which I believe are a better threshold for being “fit” than the ones that are strictly lifting weights. I think those workouts have helped me for sure.

      thanks for checking in on me, keep up your great work!

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