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Day 60 photo- Trash

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I went out for a run today.  I kinda went into a running hiatus for the past (gasp) 8 weeks or so, but that is the topic of another blog entry. So I’ll try to stay on track.

But on my run today what I enjoyed so much was that I felt like I was back on the street, back being a part of the city I live in, the community I live in. When you run you are out there, physically, literally out there on the street. Intimately involved with your surroundings. Taking it all in, step by step, sidewalk square by sidewalk square.  One thing I like about running is you are such a part of everything around you. You notice things you’d never notice when driving down the same street. Every pebble and flower petal nature tossed on the ground. Every piece of trash that people tossed on the ground.

One of the things about living in a city is that there is always trash. Portland is a pretty clean city actually, but there’s still always people who just simply can’t toss their trash in a trashcan but instead think the whole city is their trashcan. So out on my run today for some reason all the trash really stood out today. Maybe because it’s been awhile so I wasn’t numb to it. So all of a sudden I decided that my theme for my photos this week would be all the trash lying around where it shouldn’t be.

I want to take pictures of trash not because it’s beautiful but because it’s disgusting. The subjects of my photos are usually just things that I think are neat, or fun, or interesting in some way. Not so with trash. Totally opposite.

Today’s picture is a gross, dirty glove on the street. How some things end up where they do is beyond me.

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