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workout summary last 2 weeks


So I’ve just finished my 6th week of the 12-week program P90X.

When I started this program my intent was to continue keeping a low running regimen of maybe run 3 times a week for 15-20 miles. But I’ve had a really, really hard time doing any running at all while doing P90X. Just the same as I couldn’t do P90X last year when I was committed to a running program, now I just simply can’t commit to running while doing P90X. These workouts make me too tired to do any additional exercise. But now that I”m at the half-way point, I need to be committed to this program, even if I don’t run until I’m done.

That thought is depressing me a little bit. From my workout log the last time I went running was Feb 2. So it’s been a month, and I really miss it and can’t wait to start back up. But instead I keep putting in my little P90X DVD, and have decided that is my commitment right now.

P90X is going really well. I’ve actually started enjoying it a lot, when at the start it was just something I was trying to get through. And yesterday I actually did 5 full pull-ups on my own. This is a big improvement, since when I started I couldn’t even do 1 pull-up. I’ve been doing the pull-up exercises modified with a chair, which starts you higher, but also allows me to use my legs to assist with pulling myself up to the bar, then when I’m at the top I release my feet and hold myself up for a few seconds and then let myself back down. So I’ve really only being doing half pull-ups, pulling up with both upper body and lower body, and doing the down part all upper body.  Pull-ups are so hard for me, but I feel I’ve made huge progress that I can now do 5 full pullups.

I’m also seeing muscle formation all over my body where there was none before. So that is nice. And the purpose of me doing this program was to build muscle strength since I’ve never really done strength training before, so I feel I am on the right path here. My flexibility has definitely improved from all the Yoga. Now that I am seeing and feeling progress it is a little easier to stay committed to it. My hope is that this is bringing me overall fitness that will help my running when I do finally start back into it.

Workout summary:

Week 5

  • Monday: Abs, chest,shoulders,arms
  • Tuesday: Plyometrics
  • Wednesday: Abs, back,biceps
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: nothing
  • Saturday: Legs,Back
  • Sunday: nothing

Week 6

  • Monday: chest,shoulders, arms
  • Tuesday: Abs, plyometrics
  • Wednesday: Abs, back,biceps
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday:  Abs, Legs,Back
  • Saturday: nothing
  • Sunday:  hiking

Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

3 thoughts on “workout summary last 2 weeks

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  2. Congratulations on making such great progress with P90X! That seems like a huge amount of gains in just 6 weeks (it’s actually kinda making me want to try it out…). I bet that when you return to running you’ll find a lot of benefit from the extra muscle–supposed to be great for speed and explosivity (something we distance runners tend to neglect). And it will be all nice and spring-ish out by the time you’re done, a good time to return to running :).

    • thanks for the words of encouragement. Even though I’ve been working out hard I still feel like a slacker. Somehow I don’t feel like I’m exercising if I’m not running. Silly, I know. I’m anxious to start running again. You can try out P90x too, you might like it. But from reading your workout posts you already do quite a bit of strength training, core work, etc, and you lift heavier weights than I do. So I think you’re already in really good shape!

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