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workout summary: catching up

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I haven’t posted a workout summary in a few weeks. I’ve been incredibly busy the past two weeks so have seriously not had time to even write a paragraph. So I’ll attempt to catch up.

It’s pretty easy actually to summarize since I haven’t done any running. Partly it’s because I came down with yet another cold, that wasn’t debilitating like my last flu that I got, but was annoying because I couldn’t breathe so was out of breathe all the time. And I was pretty fatigued and didn’t have the energy to run. On top of that I spent a lot of time going to job interviews in my evenings after work, which took not only a lot of time but a lot of energy. I’ve been coming home exhausted. These aren’t excuses, just documenting circumstance.

I kept up on my P90X routine as best I could.

For my week 3 of the program (2 weeks ago) I did:

Monday: abs, chest and back

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: abs, shoulders and arms

Friday: yoga 90 mins

Saturday: nothing

Sunday: nothing  (this is the week I was sick and went to a bunch of evening interviews)

This past week was week 4, which changes the routine:

Monday: Yoga 90 mins

Tuesday: Core

Wednesday: Kenpo, which turns out is my least favorite of all the DVDs and I’m seriously considering never doing it again. I had someone assist by being the “other person” that you are striking/defending against, which made it easier to visualize the kicks, punches, and blocks you are supposed to do.  I find it difficult to do it against the air.

Thursday: nothing

Friday: nothing

Saturday: Core

Sunday: planning on doing Yoga tonight after work.

Tomorrow starts week 5 of the program and starts a new series of DVDs. So I’ll see how those go.


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