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weekly running and workout summary

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It’s the end of my 2nd week of my running/P90x program.  I didn’t go running today. I had planned on 8 miles today but I couldn’t get it together. I was too busy wasting time with cooking, cleaning my house, running errands which involved returning to the store 3 times, and, oh yeah, I took a nap.

Workout summary is as follows:

Monday: Abs, and Chest & Back

Tuesday: 5 mile run to Adidas which you can read about here

Wednesday: Abs, Shoulders & Arms

Thursday: 5 mile run around my neighborhood. I headed over to Alberta Park as my destination. Portland has a lot of parks, the city is proud to say that a child would not need to go more than half-mile from his home from anywhere in the city to get to a park. I like to plan my running routes by going from park to park. The parks are nice, a little nature within the city. And in hot weather or on long runs it’s perfect for always having a place to stop for the water fountain.  On this run I also headed back home and passed by Peter’s house (Peter, from Peter, Paul, and Mary).  Peter just happens to live on my street about a mile from me, which is just sort of a fun piece of neighborhood trivia.

Friday: I did 90 minutes of Yoga

Saturday: Abs, and Legs & Back. Skipped my planned run.

Total running mileage for the week: 10 miles

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