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Photo a Day Project

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So I’m a little nervous about posting this; it’s such a big commitment.

But I’ve been watching so many people who are involved in some version of a 365 project, also sometimes called a Photo-a-Day project….  that is, taking a photograph every day for a whole year.  I’ve enjoyed so much what other people are doing. And it’s inspired me to want to do it myself. I’ve been considering doing it for a few days now, and then all of a sudden today I felt like starting.

It strikes me as sortof an obsessive thing to do, and I’m sortof obsessive. So I like it.

People probably have different reasons for doing a project like this. But this is what I hope to accomplish on this adventure:

1) Share little everyday pieces of my life.  Sometimes the small, mundane, everyday little things seem so non-important so they don’t get shared. But why not?

2) Learn a little bit about myself and develop my interests. I imagine it might become obvious what interests me if I start to see patterns in what I take pictures of, or what type of things catch my eye. I might discover something I didn’t know about myself.

3) Practice the art or act of creating photographic images. I love taking pictures. But don’t regularly take pictures. I want to take more pictures and get better at it.

So here I go…  we’ll count today as Day 1.  Looking forward to the year.


Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

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