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Day 27 photo

There were these 3 guys working on the fire escape across from where I was eating lunch.


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Jackson Bottom birdwatching

I went out to Jackson Bottom Wetlands today. It was a cold, windy, rainy day, so a bit miserable out. But still gorgeous and peaceful, and lots of wildlife. It will be a great place to visit in about a month or so, when Spring will bring even more birds to the abundant ponds.

Species list for today:

  • douglas squirrel, its so nice to see native squirrels since most of the squirrels around are non-native invasive species
  • mink
  • skunk
  • juvenile bald eagle eating a dead, baby deer. pics turned out blurry but was totally cool
  • red tailed hawk
  • downy woodpecker
  • chickadee
  • mallard
  • deer
  • golden crowned sparrow
  • robin
  • song sparrow
  • dark eyed junco
  • ring necked duck
  • canada goose
  • northern shoveler
  • yellow rumped warbler
  • bufflehead
  • coot
  • great blue heron
  • common merganser
  • red winged blackbird
  • killdeer
  • kingfisher
  • northern flicker


Birdwatching day

It was a beautiful clear sunny day today. I spent most of the morning at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Ridgefield, Washington.

Species list for today:

  • chipmunk
  • red tailed hawk
  • great blue heron (there were tons of herons out there)
  • tundra swan
  • canada goose
  • coot (there were tons of coots)
  • red winged blackbird
  • northern shoveler (tons of shovelers today too)
  • mallard
  • ring necked duck
  • green winged teal
  • fox sparrow
  • coyote
  • either river otter or nutria, not sure
  • harrier
  • swallows
  • killdeer
  • bald eagle
  • white tailed kite
  • bewicks wren
  • pintail
  • kestrel