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evening run: Nike vs Adidas


I went out for a little 5-miler today. The Adidas campus is about 2.5 miles from my house, so its one of my regular running routes… there and back for 5 miles.

Although, of course, it is private property and meant only for Adidas employees, its easy to forget that, because it sortof has the feel of a public park mixed with the feel of a college campus. People are just hanging out in the center courtyard, there’s a field where most often there’s a soccer game going on, or football, or something. Tennis courts, a gym, the Adidas company store.  I’ve run with some running groups that often pass through the campus, stop for a stretch there, have a drink of water from the fountain, people-watch, and cross through, taking the pedestrian bridge over Greeley, which is a good way to get over the busy street and continue your run.

I went there tonight on my run, and stopped at the campus as my turn around point. Stopped and looked around a bit. They are actually in the middle of renovating their field so there was construction going on. So I was just hanging out there, you could see people up in their offices working. Then I looked down at myself, and realized I was dressed head to toe in Nike clothing.

So then I immediately felt bad being there,  turned my head in embarrassment, and started my journey home.

Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

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3 thoughts on “evening run: Nike vs Adidas

  1. Awww, poor Adidas. This was very funny. Are you a Nike girl across the board or did you just happen to be representing them that day? I’m pretty much always a hodgepodge. Right now my shoes are Adidas as it turns out (finally braved something other than Asics, and they got me through December’s marathon so now I will always love them), but I’ve got on a Brooks tank top, Nike tights and New Balance socks. Something from everyone!

    • ha ha! yeah it was totally random that I was all Nike’d-out.I even had on a Nike sports bra too even though you couldnt see it beneath my Nike tank and Nike jacket.
      I don’t normally do that, I’m normally a hodge-podge of different brands. I don’t even have a favorite brand or anything. I do own quite a bit of Nike though, because they have a factory outlet store right by my house, so I can always get cheap stuff there. I normally never wear Nike shoes, but I was trying out a pair of lunarglides I got for free. I used to be solely Asics for shoes until they changed the laces to be off-center, now I don’t like how they fit.

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