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Weekly running summary: and now also weekly workout summary


End of Week 4 of my running plan, and end of Week 1 of my new workout plan.

It’s been a great week, and as of yesterday I actually feel normal and healthy again. It’s so nice to not be sick.

So I got back into a running routine. I also decided I had a huge lack of focus in what I was doing, and got off to a really slow start with a running plan. What I decided to do is start a strength training program. For a long time I’ve wanted to add in weight lifting/strength training to my running routine, I just never knew how.  My visits to the gym have always been totally random, rare, and without any real goals.

Last summer I bought the P90X series, I had found a used set of discs for a pretty low price. It was too good a price to pass up.  I started trying it out last July but totally failed, because I was running too much and I found it completely impossible to commit to a full strength training program while in the middle of a marathon training program.  But this week, I’ve dusted off the DVDs, and thought I’d give it a whirl.

I figured this is a good time to do it, since I’m not  training for any particular running race or have any specific running goals right now. So I can focus on building some lean muscle and getting in better shape, which will help my running down the road.

P90X is pretty well known by most people around the country, but for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a 12-week program made up of a bunch of exercise DVDs. It claims to get you in the best shape of your life.

I’m doing a modified version of the program. I’ve cut out the Kenpo/Karate workout and the Plyometrics workout. I modified it so I could also fit in some running, and I’ll run on the days I would normally do the workouts I cut out.  My plan is to do the program and still run 3 times a week, for a low mileage base of about 15-20 miles a week. I also plan on doing the program for 10 weeks.   This will take me to about mid-April, which, coincidentally is the time when all the local 6-month marathon training programs begin, since the Portland Marathon is in October.  🙂  So I figure I’ll build some good, lean muscle, get in shape, and build a low base of miles, ready to decide if I’ll train for the marathon again, which I am leaning towards doing, but still undecided.

So here’s my running summary for the week:

Tuesday I did 4.6 miles through the neighborhood. The route is a loop I do regularly. I like it because the first mile is uphill, the second mile downhill, you loop around a bit, then the third mile is uphill, the last mile downhill.  For some reason I just really like that up/down thing.

Thursday I did the same loop, just due to my not feeling like figuring out somewhere else to go.

Saturday (today) I went out for 6 miles. I ran from my house out to University of Portland, which is about 3 miles, then turned around and came back.  This is also a favorite route of mine. It passes thru a really nice neighborhood. One of the things I enjoy about running is checking out all the houses, the architecture, the decorations, how people do their yards, etc. The nicer neighborhoods are fun since people have such nice houses and such well-manicured yards. The route also has about a mile along the Willamette bluff, with a nice view. You can see downtown, the Fremont bridge, and all the industry and docks down on Swan Island. Its a popular running path, walking path, lots of people out walking their dogs, lots of bicyclists, lots of runners, and of course all the college athletes run there since its right off the campus. So it’s always nice being out and seeing everyone out enjoying the day.

Total miles for the week: 15

And here’s my P90X summary for the week:

Sunday I did the weigh in, measurements, and pre-program photos, etc. If that isn’t enough to destroy your self-esteem, then doing the first workout surely will.

Monday I did the chest and back workout, and the abs workout. I’m still sore from this today.

Wednesday I did the shoulders and arms workout, and the abs workout.

Friday I did the Yoga dvd. I actually think this one is the most difficult to do. I’ve never done yoga before and somehow found it really hard. It also hurts my knees.

Saturday (today) tonight I plan on doing the legs and back workout, and the abs workout. I’ll do those later tonight.

Have you ever tried the P90x program? or know someone else who has? What was their experience with it?


Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

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5 thoughts on “Weekly running summary: and now also weekly workout summary

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  4. Good luck with P90X! Super impressed you’re trying it out. I know a handful of people who’ve given it a try but most weren’t in very good shape to start out with; I bet you’ll be really successful. I like the schedule you’ve got for mixing it in with running; seems like a good balance.
    And welcome back also to good health!

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