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4-month summary of Smith and Bybee Lakes

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Back in October is when I decided to do this project. I decided to visit a place regularly and document the changes that take place over the year. Smith and Bybee Lakes is one of my favorite places to visit, since it is beautiful, a great way to enjoy nature in the middle of the city, and a great birdwatching location. I plan to visit once a month and photograph the images from the same spots each time.  Since it’s been 4 months now I felt like doing a summary photo collage to capture it all. This has been an exciting project for me. I look forward to the rest of the year.

There is a little gravel path that leads you down to a great viewing spot of Smith Lake.

on the path to Smith lake 10.31.11

on the path to Smith Lake 11.26.11

on the path to Smith Lake 12.26.11

on the path to Smith Lake 01.28.12

Here are some images of Smith Lake:

Smith straight on 10.31.11

Smith straight on 11.26.11

Smith straight on 12.26.11

Smith from a different spot due to flooding 01.28.12

Smith looking left 10.31.11

Smith looking left 11.26.11

Smith looking left 12.26.11

There is a  nice little spot to look out over some water in between the two lakes:

in between 10.31.11

in between 11.26.11

in between 12.26.11

in between 01.28.12

looking left 10.31.11

looking left 11.26.11

looking left 12.26.11

looking left 01.28.12

There is a paved path that takes you through a cottonwood forest, and leads down to Bybee Lake:

path to Bybee 10.31.11

path to Bybee 11.26.11

path to Bybee 12.26.11

path to Bybee 01.28.12

trees on the path 10.31.11

trees on the path 11.26.11

trees on the path 12.26.11

trees on the path 01.28.12

Here is Bybee Lake:

Bybee 10.31.11

Bybee 11.26.11

Bybee 12.26.11

Bybee 01.28.12

Bybee looking right 10.31.11

Bybee looking right 11.26.11

Bybee looking right 12.26.11

Bybee looking right 01.28.12

There is this little tucked away area between some trees, near Bybee Lake:

little hidden spot 10.31.11

little hidden spot 11.26.11

little hidden spot 12.26.11

little hidden spot 01.28.12


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