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weekly running summary: can you even call this a running summary?


End of week 3 now.

Monday was a great day. It was nice out. Since it was the MLK holiday I had the day off work. Normally I do my runs afterwork but I actually prefer to run in the morning. So whenever I don’t work I get to run in the morning so it always starts my day out on a good note. Monday I did a nice 6 miles through the neighborhood.

By Tuesday I was dead to the world. The little cold/flu bug that was creeping on last week developed into a full fledged, nasty stomach flu.  I missed work and was in bed for 3 days straight. I think I was awake a total of, maybe, 3 hours in that time? As of yesterday still not full strength back, and stomach is still hit-and-miss as far as nausea goes.

So…. weekly mileage a whopping 6 miles.

I’m actually feeling decent today, but not running today.

Looking forward to this coming up week where I think I’ll be well enough again to put in some miles.



Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

4 thoughts on “weekly running summary: can you even call this a running summary?

  1. Oh, bleh! So sorry to hear you got so sick, that sounds miserable. Hope you’re feeling fully recovered! (Is the weather better up your way than it was last week? We had a bunch of rain at the end of last week but it’s cleared up down here now and nice for running again).

    • hi and thanks for the hello! Finally today I am actually feeling back to normal. It feels so good to not be sick, it really makes you realize how we take for granted being healthy!
      The weather has been weird this week. Sometimes its 35 and sometimes its 50 degrees. totally weird. We had some flooding from snow melt followed by downpours. But that is all passed now. Tomorrow should be clear but I think they’re predicting rain again Sunday. Its always nice to run when its not raining 🙂 Hope your weather is good. Where, in general, is Emeryville? I used to live in CA but don’t have any idea where that is.

      • Emeryville is tucked right in between Berkeley and Oakland, smack up against the SF bay. It’s mostly known for being where Pixar studios is….but disappointingly it’s all locked off and gated behind hedges–no public access. Sigh. I have fantasies of a Willy Wonka-like open house where you could wander in and see a reproduction of the Monsters Inc door floor or try out The Incredibles outfits :).

  2. I used to live in San Jose for just over a year, so I’m just a bit familiar with that area in general, but nothing specific. Nice place to live! That would be SO COOL to try on the Incredibles outfits!

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