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Weekly running summary, winter cold, and Cheetos confession


End of my second week of running. Kind of a strange week.

Monday I started out with 5 miles. Nothing special there. Tuesday I suddenly had come down with a cold. The kind where your nose is all stuffed up but constantly running at the same time. Can’t breathe well. Didn’t feel so good but wasn’t bed-ridden sick. By Wednesday I felt awful, will spare the details but had quite a foggy head and upset stomach, extremely fatigued. I had planned on going for a run after work, but instead opted to make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up on the couch for a nap. That was really the better choice.

Thursday I still felt crappy, but less crappy, so I went out for 5 miles. It was such a beautiful day anyway that I couldn’t not run. The sky was clear, absolutely no clouds. With overcast being the norm, having a clear day is a call to get outside and enjoy it. It was a beautiful 37 degrees and the air was crisp and fresh. The kind of day that chills your nose but when you breathe in that crisp, clean air it feels so good in your lungs.  Friday when I woke up I felt pretty miserable. By the time I got to work that morning I felt quite nauseated too. I almost thought I’d have to go home. But I started feeling better as the day went on. Less sick, but still very, very tired.

But never fear, throughout my not feeling well, I was still able to keep up on my Cheetos consumption. (I can almost hear the snickering, no wonder she had an upset stomach, Cheetos for dinner!?!)  I know objectively Cheetos are crap food, not good for you, and I should totally not eat them. But subjectively I know there’s no way I’m going to stop eating them.

I really like Cheetos, and I have this unfounded belief that they make me feel better when I eat them.  I started my Cheetos obsession last summer, in August when I was running 20+ milers as part of my marathon training. I ate Cheetos for dinner one night, and my 22 miler the next day was the fastest and strongest I had ever done. I was just joking around about it being the Cheetos. But then I started eating Cheetos more regularly (just because junk food has that way of sucking you in). I usually eat Cheetos as a pre-dinner snack, or a late night snack after dinner. Yes I’ve actually eaten just Cheetos for dinner multiple times but that isn’t the norm (I swear).  Then I started noticing that I always felt better the next day after I eat a bowl full of Cheetos. I feel more whole somehow, and more alert. This is probably totally a coincidence, or the placebo effect, or me just imagining things (which is the same thing as the placebo effect). Someone suggested to me that it was probably just the salt content, that my body is salt deprived, and that I should try sucking on salt tablets instead. This may have some truth to it, since I started my Cheetos obsession in the heat of August running long miles, was probably losing quite a bit of salt.  But really, it’s cold now and I’m barely running, I can’t possibly still be that salt deprived.  I still haven’t looked into the salt tablets, but I’m sure I can find them at a local running or bicycling store if I decide to give up Cheetos one day. But don’t hold your breath.

But back to the running summary of the week.

Saturday (today)  I was planning on doing 5 or 6 miles. But I woke up one step closer to the grave. Severe GI distress, I was hot and achy, this cold is starting to have some mild flu symptoms. I just didn’t have the energy to go running. So I bailed on the run.

Total weekly mileage was a measly 10 miles.

Trying to get some good rest the remainder of the weekend, and shake off this bug.

Until next time…

Author: Kay-Kay's Bird Club

Hat-maker, Bird lover, Star gazer, Scooter rider, and Running fool.

4 thoughts on “Weekly running summary, winter cold, and Cheetos confession

  1. Yeah, rest is a good idea when your body demands it. A personal lesson of mine from last season.

    As far as the Cheetos obsession . . . I thought we trained for marathons so we could eat all the bad food we wanted, guilt free?

  2. HI Kay-Kay! Thanks so much for the follow at my “milemeter” blog! I’m excited to have found you–it sounds like you had similar bouncing-back issues from the Portland marathon (congratulations btw!) to the ones I’m struggling with after CIM. I hope you’re starting to feel better. I HATE having a cold: I accrue guilt for not running while being unable to enjoy running. It can make what’s supposed to be a passion feel like such a burden.
    I share your love for Cheetohs. Specifically the flamin’ hot ones :).

    • Hi there! thanks for the nice words! I like how you also incorporate some strength and core exercises into your routine. Its something I need to do, I”m going to try to use you as some inspiration! It will be fun to follow each other. Happy running. 🙂 I actually dont like the flaming hot cheetos, just the regular ones. 🙂

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