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Birdwatching day at Smith and Bybee Lakes 11.26.11

It was 46 degrees today and a beautiful day to go birdwatching at Smith & Bybee Lakes.

I am not very good at tree identification, so I took some pictures of the leaves fallen on the ground, so for those who know, it will help show what type of trees are here. I think the fallen leaves are beautiful anyway so are great to capture.  I know there are a lot of cottonwoods, willow, and ash. The snowberries were bountiful and full of berries.


It was so different from the last time I was here about a month ago.  Since I plan on returning regularly and capturing the changes over the year, I was planning on taking pictures from exactly the same spots each time. But today the water level was so much higher than a month ago, that I couldn’t stand in the exact same spot. At Smith Lake where I stood before was completely underwater now. So my pictures today are from a bit further back so capture some different trees on the sidelines etc.  Where I saw the coyote snuggle down in the sun last time is also underwater today.

Overall, everything was a lot less green and a lot more yellow. The trees were half-bare, most leaves fallen to the ground. There were less birds on the open water. Last time I was out there was still the end of migration. Now we’ve settled into whatever will be wintering here.

Bird list for today:

  • northern flicker
  • goldeneye
  • gull, type not identified
  • canada goose
  • pied grebe
  • song sparrow
  • cormorant
  • chickadee
  • downy woodpecker
  • kingfisher
  • ruby crowned kinglet
  • yellow rumped warbler
  • wood duck
  • common merganser
  • mallard
  • great blue heron
  • bushtit
  • brown creeper
  • northern shoveler
  • towhee
  • pelican
  • and lots of frogs

on the path to Smith Lake Nov 26

Smith Lake Nov 26

How yellow the cottonwoods are around Smith Lake Nov 26

Smith Lake looking left Nov 26

in between the two lakes looking right

in between the two lakes looking left Nov 26

on the path to Bybee Lake

on the path to Bybee Lake

Bybee Lake. Even the grass surrounding it was much more yellow

Bybee Lake

Bybee Lake looking right

Female Shoveler

Male Shoveler