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A weekend without running

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This is the first Saturday that I haven’t gone running in so long I don’t know how long. It feels weird. Feels like there was something I forgot to do or that somehow I’m playing hookey from work.

I wasn’t sure how long I should, or would want to, take time off to rest after the marathon. But I think I’m ready now to ease back into some easy running next week. How long do others take time off before starting a regular running routine again? How long before actually start training for the next race?

My legs are no longer painful, but they do feel tight constantly. I’ve been stretching daily. The inside of my left knee is bothering me, which is a result of the marathon. I felt it about 3/4 way thru the run. I need to pay attention to that and make sure I don’t hurt it.


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One thought on “A weekend without running

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