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Compression socks

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Does anyone understand compression socks?

I’ve recently purchased my first pair, curious about them and what they might do. I’ve heard about them, read about them, and it seems people talk them up like they’re super helpful. The salesman told me they would increase the blood flow in my legs to help speed recovery after runs. Sounded good to me. But I don’t actually know a whole lot about this. Apparently there are different socks to wear while actually running, versus to wear after running. ?? Ones with feet versus just sleeves, I was told. What real difference does that make?

I’ve been wearing my socks for several hours while sitting around the house in the evenings, every day since the marathon this past Sunday. I haven’t really noticed it doing anything nor even “feeling good” or whatever. How do I know if I’m getting a benefit from this? And if it really is increasing circulation and pushing blood out of my lower legs so fresh blood can flow in, why can’t I wear compression on my thighs where my muscles are more sore?

What’s the deal?


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