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Massage during training


Just got home from a massage… a heavenly massage. Feeling very mellow.

The first time a got a massage during my marathon training was about June, just a few months into my training program (started in April). My quads were so tight at that time. I’m not sure why they got so tight, I guess they were just waking up to the program. It was painful to climb stairs. I’d done the usual daily self-torture by rolling on a foam roller. I’d done the self massage with the stick. And those are helpful, sure. But I find it very difficult to hurt myself. So I wouldn’t do a very good job. I longed for a massage and someone else to press deeply and work out the tightness.

I’ve never been one to get massages often. Never regularly. But there was a place I had been to several times and had an awesome masseuse there. I called them up and the masseuse I was looking for had left! I was devastated! I really liked him, not only did he just have good pressure and touch, but he did trigger point release. He got rid of knots that have been there for years. But he was gone.

So I said fine, and scheduled an appointment with another practitioner at the same place.

She was nice and all, and gave a decent massage. But the massage wasn’t what I would consider awesome. I didn’t walk out of there like jelly. I wouldn’t recommend her or even go back. The worse thing was that she didn’t listen to me at all. We did the normal chit-chat at the beginning about what brought me in and what areas I wanted her to focus on. So I talked about my running and my tight legs and said I wanted the majority of the focus to be on my legs.


So she either was totally not listening to me at all, or just had no idea what my idea of focus meant. She worked well on my shoulders, and did a nice all-over workup, but hardly spent any time on my legs or lower body at all. Whatever.

I did notice the next few days that my thighs felt so much better! So the little she did made a big difference, and I wasn’t even happy with the massage. So I decided to keep getting more massages. This massage thing during training might have something going, huh?

Just now I had a really awesome massage. He really did focus on my legs. He did things no one has done before. That is definitely a place I will go back to. That was my kind of massage. I am a happy, relaxed, resting runner.

So is getting massage regularly during training a normal thing that people do? Does everyone know about this already and it’s only me that’s just discovered it? Do you find it helpful? Do you find it necessary?

And what about timing. I figured today was a good day to get massaged since I’m not planning on running tomorrow. But I’ll run on Weds and then again very short on Saturday. Sunday is the marathon. I didn’t want to massaged too close to the event. What do others out there do?


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3 thoughts on “Massage during training

  1. I’ve gotten a few massages throughout training, mostly when I was hurting from the workouts. My marathon is next weekend (the 16th) and I have a 2 hour deep tissue/stretch scheduled for Monday (the 10th). I’ll CrossFit Monday morning, massage Monday evening. Run Tuesday and Wednesday then rest until the marathon. Good luck with your marathon this weekend!

  2. Got a massage yesterday from a woman from Eugene who was up in pdx for a technique conference. I have an old injury in my gluteus medius that, in combination w/other small problems I have, causes a ligament or tendon to ?adhere? in places it shouldn’t… so it has to hyperextend when I’m seated. So I can’t sit for more than a few minutes w/out irritating it. She fixed it for me years ago… and since it started bothering me again last month, she fixed it again yesterday.

    Pressure point work on the points where the muscle/tendon connect to my hip and pubic bones was what seemed to fix it. Plus she lifted my quads free of the bone and broke free adhesions [scar tissue] up and down the entire length of my thigh. Incredibly painful at the time… but I can really feel the difference. My muscles were adhering to each other and the IT band and everything was hard as a board before.

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